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Commerce Week 2020: Day 2

We started today at Clear Offices where we had the pleasure of listening to Jeremy Fitch, the Executive Director of Invest NI.
Commerce Week 2020: Day 2

Day 2 RBAI Commerce Week 2020

We started today at Clear Offices where we had the pleasure of listening to Jeremy Fitch, the Executive Director of Invest NI. Mr Fitch talked to us about how Invest NI improves the NI economy through business development, the implications of Brexit on the NI economy and how it has affected business sales. We also got some valuable advice on what characteristics employers will look for in an employee and the three qualities Mr Fitch values most: Competence, Character and Chemistry.

Next we visited Cargo (one of NI biggest outdoor bars) where we met Gareth Murphy, the owner of We Are Vertigo. Gareth explained to us how he used his initiative and love for skiing to set up the popular activity centre and talked us through how he is dealing with the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic.

During our time there, we were fortunate enough to get a tour of We Are Vertigo's Indoor Sky Diving Centre, which was a real highlight of the day. Both visits were extremely informative and enjoyable and we’re all very grateful to Jeremy and Gareth for their time.

Jack Johnston

Following an incredibly insightful morning at Clear Offices and We Are Vertigo, we arrived at Eastside Partnership. Here we received an incredible talk from Chris Armstrong on his and Eastside's role in the continued process of regenerating East Belfast. He explained how Eastside was split into a number of sections including property, the environment and tourism, and explained what the partnership have done to totally change East Belfast’s profile in Northern Ireland and abroad.

Next, we had an incredible lunch at Freight Restaurant where we actually ate in revamped shipping containers; this concept restaurant has been developed with the assistance of Eastside and it therefore gave us an experience of some of the incredible work they have done in East Belfast.

After lunch we were met by four enthusiastic solicitors from Carson McDowell, the leading NI Law Firm. After an informative presentation by one of their partners, Dawson McConkey, and one of his associates, we split into two groups with two more solicitors, Rosie Timoney and Le-Ann Campbell acting as our clients. We prepared for and performed an incredibly enjoyable negotiation against the other group. This brought a lot of laughs to the room and was a fantastic way to end another enjoyable, useful and informative day. Thanks to everyone who made our sessions today so useful.

Jack Dickson

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Joshua Weir of 9K competed against students from nine other Grammar Schools across Northern Ireland in the NICILT German Spelling Bee Competition on Friday, 19th March.
This week marks a very special milestone for RBAI. The Excellence For All campaign has passed its target of £2.5 million.
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