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Head of Classics: Mr R A Gallagher

At The Royal Belfast Academical Institution, we take pride in being one of the unique schools in Northern

Ireland to offer Classics, where pupils can study languages that transcend epochs to cultivate a more profound understanding of our modern world.

Why Latin Matters: A Timeless Pursuit of Knowledge


Latin, contrary to popular belief, is not adead language. Rather, it is eternal. Studying Latin breathes life across modern languages, sciences, and humanities, providing students with a linguistic foundation that enhances critical thinking and communication skills. Our dedicated Classics Department at The Royal Belfast Academical Institution takes pride in preserving the legacy of Latin education in Northern Ireland. In a landscape where the study of Latin is becoming increasingly scarce, the Classics Department stands as a torchbearer, offering students the unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of an ancient language and delve into the annals of human history.

Journey Through Time: Latin at KS3

In Year 9, pupils are invited to study Latin. Those who choose to study Latin following the newly published Suburani Textbook, following the adventures of Sabina, a Roman living under Nero's reign in 64 AD, the year of the Great Fire of Rome. Beyond historical narratives, Latin at this stage serves as a catalyst for literacy development and consolidation, transcending the language itself to enrich pupils' communication skills across almost every academic subject.

Additionally, pupils have access to online resources that bring Latin into the modern world to help support vocabulary acquisition. Beyond studying the language, pupils also explore Ancient History and the pantheon of the Roman gods.

GCSE Odyssey: Nurturing Scholars at KS4

The KS4 Latin curriculum aligns with the OCR GCSE Specification. Pupils navigate language papers, classical author examinations, and literature and culture assessments. The latter delves into the captivating realms of Roman Britain, the grandeur of gladiator spectacles, and the enchanting world of myths and beliefs, where pupils delve into the pantheon of Roman Gods.


Pinnacle of Excellence: Latin A Level at KS5

Building on the foundation laid at GCSE, pupils ascend to the pinnacle of Latin education with the OCR Latin A Level specification. At AS Level, students engage with two seminal books, honing their analytical skills and deepening their understanding of classical literature. Progressing to A2 Level, students continue their exploration of the same book, unlocking deeper layers of meaning and mastery.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Facilitating a timeless trajectory through the Classics

In the words of the great Julius Caesar, "veni, vidi, vici" – "I came, I saw, I conquered." Classics at The Royal Belfast Academical Institution is an investment in the future. It is not only an academic pursuit but a transformative experience that shapes resilient, versatile, and perceptive individuals.


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