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Government and Politics

Head of Department: Mr.B.Waring

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The aims of the Government and Politics Department at R.B.A.I. are :

  • To develop in pupils an understanding of various political perspectives.
  • To empower pupils to become thinking citizens of the twenty first century by learning to defend their views in class while listening and responding to opposing ideas.
  • To encourage pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding of authority and power within the political systems of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the USA in particular.
  • To encourage pupils to become actively involved in the political process.
  • To produce consistently excellent academic results.

Key Stage 5

Pupils study CCEA ‘A’ Level Government and Politics consisting of four modules covered across a two year period.

The subject is chosen by approximately twenty pupils each year at ‘A.S.’ Level.

Government and Politics

Lower Sixth (A.S.) :

Module 1 : The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland

Module 2 : The British Political Process

Upper Sixth (A Level) :

Module 1 : Comparative Government – The U.S.A. and Great Britain

Module 2 : Political Power

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