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Head of Department: Mr Innes Gray

Members of Department: Miss Rachel Haslett

Mr Darren McCann

Mr Steven McMullan

Mr Raymond Menown (Vice Principal)

KS3Year 8 topics studied include: What is Geography, Map Skills, Weather and Climate, River Flooding, Settlement.

Year 9 topics studied include: Weathering, Rivers and Coasts, Farming, Industry, Resouces and the Environment, Population.

Year 10 topics studied include: Ecosystems, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Tourism, Fashion and Sport, EU.

KS4 – Geography involves a synthesis of facts, figures, ideas and perspectives to help us understand and protect the world we live in. By studying geography, students learn about important contemporary issues like global warming, desertification, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, groundwater pollution and flooding. Topics studied include: Rivers, Coasts, Weather and Climate, Population and Migration, Changing Urban Areas, Contrasts in Development, Managing the Environment.

KS5– In A Level Geography students investigate our ever-changing world and the dynamic forces that influence nature, culture and society. Through studying human and physical geography topics at AS level and A2, students explore:

  • the dynamic earth, its structure and how landscapes are created;
  • interactions between people and their environment;
  • the challenges of sustainability; and
  • the importance of attitudes and values.

They will also understand the interaction between societies and cultures and how geography affects our daily lives.

GCSE/A2 Examination highlights:











% A*-C

NI Male

% A*-C




Additional information:

Success in Competitions: The Geographical Association Worldwise Quiz was held at QUB in November. After eight rounds of questioning the team of Matthew Hamill, Luke Devlin and Christopher Wallace (all year 12) performed very well and finished 3rd out of twelve competing schools.

Clubs and Societies: The Eco Club

The Eco Club have been working on a variety of projects this past year. The junior members of the club (Key Stage 3 pupils) have been making full use of the eco garden facility with Mrs Saadat and have enjoyed being able to grow potatoes, chilli’s, lettuce and a wide variety of vegetables. They also were able to grow a variety of plants from seed over the summer and successfully held a plant sale for the school staff at the start of term.

The senior boys (key stage 4) achieved the bronze eco flag award last year and are currently in the process of completing the silver award with Mr McMullan during this academic year with their main focus being on the theme of waste and recycling. Their main goal is to eventually being able to achieve a green eco flag for the school.

The club were delighted to have recently received funding from the BOIA for the development of a Japanese themed eco garden. All boys are looking forward to planning this exciting new development during this academic year.

The eco club is a society which is currently open to all members of the school community and we look forward to welcoming any new pupils!

Trips and Tours: Year 12: Fieldtrip to Colin Glen for a river study.

Year 13: A two-day fieldtrip to Magilligan.

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