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The Technology department at RBAI has been growing rapidly for the past several years. Numbers of boys wishing to study one of the subjects on offer have risen, facilities have improved dramatically and results continue to improve to well above the NI average.


We have three full time members of the teaching staff as well as being supported by an excellent technician.

Head of Department: Mr M E Titterington

Teaching staff: Mr N D Carson, Mr D M Lambe

Technician: Mr R Kerr

Engineering: Mr J Wilson


The Technology department was one of the first in Inst to embrace the changing curriculum and offer subjects that were less traditional and meeting the needs of our pupils.

Subjects currently offered by the Technology department include:

  • Technology

GCSE – Eduqas Design and Technology

GCE – CCEA Technology and Design

  • MVRUS (Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies)


  • Occupational Studies

Engineering and Engineering Services

  • BTEC Engineering

Delivered by BMET


Recent achievements:

  • 2017 – Robert Curry – 2nd in NI GCSE Manufacturing. Fifth consecutive year with one or more of the top three rankings in Manufacturing in NI.
  • 2016 - Carson McKee- 4 A*at A level – 100% in Technology coursework– Now reading engineering at St Andrews.
  • 2016 - Manufacturing GCSE- Charlie Lamb – 2nd in NI - Fourth consecutive year with one or more of the top three rankings in Manufacturing in NI.
  • 2015 - Manufacturing GCSE – 2 top placing in NI – Adam Duff 2nd – David Robinson 3rd – third consecutive year with one or more of the top three rankings in Manufacturing in NI.
  • 2014 - Manufacturing GCSE – Jack Shepherd – 3rd in NI
  • 2013- Manufacturing GCSE – Rory Douglas –Smith – 2nd in NI

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils are exposed to a wide range of manufacturing processes, machines and tools. They also gain valuable experience in CAD and CAM and the whole Key Stage 3 experience is designed to be fun and lay the foundations of GCSE knowledge and skills.

The following projects are completed throughout Key Stage 3:

Year 8

  • Electronic Christmas decoration.
  • Fuse tester.

Year 9

  • Moisture sensor.
  • Night light.

Year 10

  • Mobile phone amplifier.
  • Steady hand game.


Key Stage 4

At GCSE level pupils have a number of options available:

  1. Design and Technology.
  2. MVRUS
  3. Engineering

Pupils can pick any combination, all or none of the aforementioned subjects. All subjects have been oversubscribed in recent years and in 2017-18 the GCSE results were outstanding.

  • 52% of boys achieved A or A* grades (UK average= 17.9%; NI average= 22%)
  • Almost 83% of boys achieved A*-B grades (UK average= 38%; NI average= 52%)


  • 3 laser cutters
  • 8 x 3d printers
  • 1 cnc router
  • 55 fully equipped computers
  • 3 A3 colour laser printers

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