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Stevenson House

House History

Stevenson House came into existence in October 1950 and was named after Joseph Stevenson, who was the first Secretary of Inst. He held this office from 1807-1837 and is regarded by many to be the real founder of the school. His personal qualities were said to be ‘untiring energy and conspicuous tact’, and it was hoped these qualities would be maintained by all members of the House. His portrait hangs in the school boardroom to this day.

During the 1980s Stevenson House was phased out of existence in response to a drop in entry numbers and, as the youngest House, it was the first to go, later followed by Jones. Thankfully, by the start of the 1990s the school saw its enrolment rise sufficiently for the House to be reinstated.

Stevenson House

Senior Housemaster: Mr S McMillan

Y 8 Tutor: Miss R Haslett

Y 9 Tutor: Mr C Woods

Y 10 Tutor: Miss N Cosgrove

Y 11 Tutor: : Mr D Roy

Y 12 Tutor: Mr A Scott

Y 13 Tutor: Mrs M O’Fril

Head of House: Adam Wylie

House Secretaries: Luca Anderson and Matthew Wallace

Deputy Head of School: Adam Wylie

Prefects: Ben Callaghan, Curtis Cooper, Luke Devlin, Conor Glenn, Rohan Harkin, Christopher Hempton, Christopher Murphy, James Napier, Matthew Wallace

Year 8 Mentors: Luca Anderson, Luke Devlin, Conor Glenn, Rohan Harkin, Christopher Hempton, Christopher Murphy, Matthew Wallace

Valete: Hamish Beaton, Reuben Brown, Jack Campbell, Oliver Connolly, Ben Cooke, Joshua Cuthbert, Nathan Dempsey, Hendon Du Toit, Timmy Fulton, Matthew Hull, Carson McDowell, Robbie Mulree, Ben Murray, Brandon O’Connor, Jon Roche, Keelan Sloan, Jonathan Trimble, Wing Lok Yau

This year Stevenson House saw considerable academic success at all levels. At GCSE, we would like to congratulate Alex Brow who gained 8 A*s and 2 As, James McCaldin with 8 A* and 1 A, Matthew Bunn with 4 A* and 4 A grades and Ibraheim Rahman with 2 A*s and 6 A grades. Congratulations to all Stevenson pupils who returned to RBAI following their GCSE studies we hope that these remarkable results will continue.

At AS-Level, the high standard of grades continued for Stevenson pupils. Luca Anderson and Rohan Harkin achieved 4 As; James Napier gained 3 A grades; Luke Devlin gained 2 As and 1 B; Adam Wylie gained 2 As while James Lemon, Owen McFeely and Christopher Murphy achieved 2 As and 1 C. Many congratulations go to all the pupils and we wish them the best of luck in their A2 studies.

The overall success of exam results for Stevenson House members saw no exception at A2-Level for Year 14 pupils. Exceptional performances were rewarded, with Keelan Sloan (Head of School) achieving 3 A* and 1 A; Oliver Connolly gained 2A* and an A; Reuben Brown gained 1 A*, 1 A and 2 B grades; Ben Cooke, Matthew Hull, and Wing Lok Yau achieved 2 A and 1 B while Ben Murray gained 2 As and 1 C grade. These were impressive grades and we wish them and all the other Year 14 leavers the best of luck with their future university careers.

Stevenson pupils’ successes extended beyond the classroom, with pupils of all year groups collecting various co-curricular accolades.

In Year 8, Alex Harrower, Louis Campbell and Luke Holland were selected to play for the Under 12 A XV rugby team, while Ben Keane represented St Paul’s Holywood Gaelic Football Club in the All-county final. Furthermore, Elijah Blake was part of the RBAI cross-country team that won the Ulster Junior Championship.

Year 9 pupils also recorded a variety of successes: in cricket, Daniel Henry was selected for the for the Under 13 NCU and Ireland Cricket squads; Sebastian Berryman took part in the Irish Nationals for swimming; and Nathan Johnson played for the Under 13 A rugby team.

In Year 10, three pupils played for the Under 14 rugby team: James Clark, Ewan Patterson and Oliver Douglas, while Max Whitely competed for the School at numerous swimming galas.

It was a productive year for our Year 11 pupils: five Stevenson House members were part of the rugby team that made it to the Medallion Shield final: Alex Henry, David Larmour, Flynn Morrow, Jack Parkinson and James Pepper; Oliver Hodkinson and Cameron Bates were a crucial part of the RBAI robotics team that won the All-Ireland Lego Robotics competition, while Darcy Hogg was part of the senior team of golfers who won the Ulster Schools Championship.

Year 12 also recorded a string of accomplishments: Athletics honours were awarded to Robbie McCoy and Luca McGreevey (Luca also played for the football 1st XI and finished in the top five in the House Cross Country competition alongside fellow classmates, Carter Wright and Chris Stewart). James McCaldin was awarded Scouts Honours and, along with Harrison Martin and James Smith, was the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award. Alex Brow excelled in English, receiving a Scholarship for Drama and Literary Achievement. In cricket, Adam Ly, was also successful in being selected for the Ireland and NCU Under 17 squads.

A range of co-curricular achievements were recorded by Year 13 Stevenson pupils: James Lemon, Matthew Wallace and James Napier all represented the School with the 1st XI football team; Adam Wylie was selected for the Under 17 NCU cricket squad and was also awarded the Stevenson House Cup for Most Significant Contribution; and Luca Anderson-Muller was awarded the John Morton Prize for Science.

The significant interruption Covid-19 imposed drastically limited the opportunities for further co-curricular activities, with many House competitions and sporting fixtures etc. being cancelled. Nevertheless, it is to the Stevenson pupils’ credit that they managed to persevere the challenges to maintain such an excellent standard inside and outside of the classroom.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr McMillan and the tutors for their tireless dedication to the House and its pupils throughout the course of the year. Many of the successes highlighted above are down to the support they gave us. We hope all members of Stevenson excel in the forthcoming year, be it on the sports field, the stage or in the examination hall.

Luca Anderson and Matthew Wallace (House Secretaries)

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