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In 1925 the School Song was written and boys were required for the first time to wear the yellow and black quartered caps. A year later the house system was introduced, with the four houses Dill, Kelvin, Larmor and Pirriebeing named after prominent Instonians.

Dill House acquired its name from Sir Samuel Dill (1844-1924), the distinguished Ulster-born classical scholar and educationist. He was born in Hillsborough, County Down, educated at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution and what was then Queen's College, Belfast, held the chair of Greek at Queen's from 1890 until his death in 1924, and was also Pro-Chancellor. He had previously been a fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and High Master of the Manchester Grammar School. As a member of the Belfast University Commission in 1909, he played an important role in the transformation of Queen's College into a university. Samuel Dill was knighted in 1909.

The Dill Memorial Lecture, founded in 1925 to perpetuate his memory, is given on a subject relating to the history, philosophy, language or literature of the classical or medieval worlds. The lecture is delivered every second or third year as occasion presents itself.

Dill House Report

Senior Housemaster: Mr MH Lyttle

Year 8: Ms Z Huston

Year 9: Mr AJ Allen

Year 10: Mr RP Griffiths

Year 11: Mr JB Peak

Year 12: Mr ND Carson

Year 13: Mrs CA Mayberry

Head of House: Joshua Ritchie

House Secretary: Stuart Wilson

Senior Prefects: Nathan Toland

Prefects: Josh Armstong, Brent Brennan, Oisin Moloney, Luke Dennison, Michael Glasgow, James Lambert, Peter McFadden, Ronan McFadden, Max Walsh, Stuart Wilson

Mentors: Brent Brennan, Ross Chambers, Oisin Moloney, James Lambert, Peter McFadden, Ronan McFadden, Joshua Ritchie, Tyrone Simms, Stuart Wilson

Valete: James Armstrong, Ross Chambers, Stuart Chambers, Patrick Colan-O’Leary, Sam Collins, Adam Cooke, Ben Crothers, Ethan Donnelly, Tom Elliott, Daniel Given, Thomas Hall, Ben Higgins, Robbie Hull, Jack Kelly, Zac Lloyd-Humphreys, Stuart McAuley, Xander McIlwaine, Oliver Metcalfe, Matthew Peak, Jamie Rose, Patrick Stafford, Callum Wallace, Aaron Winters

Firstly, on behalf of Dill House, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new pupils this year and in particular those pupils in Year 8 whose first year may not be what they expected due to the unprecedented challenges caused by Covid-19. However, I sincerely hope that they will find their time at RBAI enjoyable and take full advantage of the opportunities available, both academic and co-curricular, as this will help them to fulfil their full potential. I would also like to wish last year’s upper sixth success in their future plans outside of RBAI and to thank them for their contribution not only to Dill House, but to both the academic and co-curricular life of the school.

In order to help assist with the challenging transition from primary education to secondary education, mentors have been selected to help assist new pupils, encouraging them to engage and participate fully in the diverse range of co-curricular activities the school provides. I would also like to congratulate the previously mentioned mentors, prefects and senior prefects and wish them the very best of luck in their new-found responsibilities.

In recognition of their commitment to the Dill House, members of the lower sixth were awarded House Honours for their continued participation and commitment to the Inter-House Championship as well as how they have represented the House in all aspects of school life: Ben Armstrong, Jason Cai, Connor Craig, Charlie Devlin, Ben Given, Luke Harte, Callum Keys, James Maguire, Joshua Noble, Adam O’Neill, Ian Parkhill, Adrian Rivera, Clarke Simpson, James Wallace, Nathan Williams.

At the beginning of the new school year, it is important to highlight the academic success following a series of excellent academic results. At GCSE level there were many commendable results. Callum Keys achieved 8A*2A, Ben Given 7A*3A, Jason Cai 7A*2A 1B as well as James Wallace achieving 4A*6A and James Maguire gaining 4A*5A. This academic success was also evident at AS-level, with Nathan Toland gaining A*A 2B and Ross Chambers, Luke Dennison, Ben McKenna* and Stuart Wilson achieving 3A grades. The Year 14 pupils also had a series of extremely positive results with Patrick Stafford 4A*, Oliver Metcalfe* and Mathew Peak* achieving 3A*1A, Ethan Donnelly* 3A*, James Armstrong, Ben Crothers*, Xander McIlwaine*, and Jamie Rose* gaining 2A* 1A, Daniel Given, Aaron Winters 1A* 2A and Thomas Hall receiving 3A grades.

*indicates BTec Equivalent

In the House Championship Dill were sitting in a creditable 3rd place before Covid-19 resulted in the closure of school and the Championship coming to a premature end. This place was achieved through strong performances in water polo, senior cross country, the Sholdis Cup for basketball and a high level of badminton performances through years 8-14.

There were other notable successes from pupils from the House over the last year. Tom Crothers played for the NCU U15 team and was part of the Irish U15 training squad. James Lambert in Year 13 found success too by playing in the NCU U17 team. As well as this, Jack and Luke McCausland both ran in the Ulster Club Cross Country.

It was very pleasing to see former Dill House member David McCann captaining the Irish U20 Six Nations team and making his Ulster Senior debut.

Finally, on behalf of the House, I would like to thank Mr Lyttle and the Dill House tutors for their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. They have not only contributed significantly to the smooth running of the house, but have also ensured that each member of Dill House feels included and valued, achieving their full potential both academically and in their co-curricular life.

Stuart Wilson (House Secretary)

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