The Football Club hosts P6 tournaments enjoyed by all. U16 and 1st X1 qualified to the quarter final of the Northern Ireland Cup. In 2011, three students have represented Belfast Schools, two of whom went on to play for the Northern Irish team.

RBAI Football Champions

Football team Enniskillen 3thumbIt has taken many years of trying but finally RBAI 1st XI have won the prestigious Belfast U18 League title. Finishing off the season with a 2-2 draw against Boys Model and defeating Grosvenor Grammar 6-0, the Inst boys leapfrogged an excellent La Salle side to finish in first place.

More recognised for rugby, Inst footballers have been quietly improving over the last few seasons and this year there was a different mood in the squad. Not to be outdone by other sports in school, this special group of players became the first ever Inst football team to win a trophy.