Annual Fund - Equipping Our Pupils To Excel

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For more than two centuries, the generosity of the Inst community has been demonstrated through support for bursaries, prizes and the physical development of the School. This is  demonstrated on an annual basis through the commitment and energy of both the BOIA and Inchmarlo Parents Association, whose support continues to benefit our pupils in a tangible way.

The Principal and Board of Governors have an ambitious educational development plan focused on increasing academic achievement, developing our teaching staff, and maximising the potential of every boy who joins the school.

By giving a gift to the School’s Annual Fund, you can equip our pupils to excel into the future. The fund supports 3 priority areas which underline our core values:

Bursaries – Ensuring the opportunity of a first class education for all

Scholarships – Supporting our brightest and most talented pupils

Capital Priorities – Providing an exceptional learning environment


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Since its inception, Inst has educated boys from across Belfast and beyond, regardless of their background.

Whilst fees remain at a fraction of those charged by public schools offering a similar pupil experience in Great Britain, the reality of the current economic climate is such that some parents of both prospective pupils and those already at the School are finding financing their son’s education increasingly challenging.

The provision of bursaries is central to Inst’s ethos and support for the bursary programme will ensure that we continue to provide the opportunity of a first class education to all.


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Driven by core values of excellence and participation, Inst is renowned for the range of opportunities it offers its pupils. The current generation of boys stand on the shoulders of giants who have excelled across a wide range of endeavours.

The Scholarship Programme rewards excellence and outstanding ability, giving our most talented academics, sportsmen and artists the best possible opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Whilst upholding Inst’s traditions and ethos, recipients of Scholarships also play an important role in inspiring their younger peers.

Capital Priorities

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LIBRARY FURNITURE £6000 - The opening of the Christchurch Building in 2003 provided a centre of excellence for IT and an inspirational library facility which remains very popular with the boys.

A decade on from its opening, there is a need to upgrade furniture, preserving this exceptional resource and providing an environment which fosters learning and study.

TECHNOLOGY – 3D PRINTERS £6600 - The continued growth in pupils studying Technology at AS/A2 Level reflects both the high quality of teaching and link with future employment opportunities in Northern Ireland’s growing technology sector.

The provision of 3D printers for our technology labs will directly benefit GCSE Manufacturing and A2 Product Design coursework, enabling our brightest innovators to bring their concepts to life, and taking the study of technology to an even higher level.

TELESCOPIC CAMERA TOWER FOR RUGBY ANALYSIS £3500 - The School is deeply committed to supporting the development of our sporting talent. Video analysis is now a key part of player education and development for senior athletes. The provision of a portable, safe, easily assembled camera-tower will have a direct impact on our rugby teams, facilitating significantly enhanced analysis and equipping our coaches to improve the spatial and tactical awareness of our players.

DRAMA REHEARSAL SPACE £4000 - With a rich history of developing talent and delivering highly memorable productions, the Drama Society plays an important role in the artistic and social life of the School. Over the years many poets, playwrights and politicians have honed their skills on stage in the Common Hall.

The creation of a bespoke rehearsal space will provide an environment for GCSE Drama students to showcase their examination pieces and additional preparation for major productions. 

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