History students on their tour of Kilmainham Gaol

The History Department

Welcome to the web-page of the History Department at R.B.A.I.

The History Department has four full-time teachers. The Department has an excellent mixture of youth and experience and prides itself on displaying a dynamic and innovative approach to teaching.


Department Staff :

  • Mr.B.P.Waring (Head of Department)
  • Mr. C.J.Leathley
  • Mr. S. Gamble
  • Mr. C. Woods

The History Department is located in the 'N' block. Each classroom within the department has an interactive whiteboard. 

Aims: The aims of the History Department at R.B.A.I. are :
  • To develop in young people a knowledge and understanding of people – what motivates them, what they think and how they feel.
  • To empower pupils to become thinking citizens of the twenty-first century by learning to defend their views in class while listening and responding to opposing ideas.
  • To enable pupils to become good communicators. Good historians have to argue their case orally and on paper.
  • To develop the skills necessary to carry out historical enquiry.
  • To stimulate and maintain pupil interest in the past.
  • To develop skills of critical thinking.

Curriculum :

History is a compulsory subject in Years 8 to 10.

Year 8 studies :
  • Our place in History
  • The History of R.B.A.I.
  • Norman Invasion to Norman Control
  • The Normans in Ireland
Year 9 studies :
  • The Reformation
  • Religious turmoil in 1500’s England
  • Plantation
  • The English Civil War
Year 10 studies :
  • The causes of the First World War
  • Key battles of the War such as the Somme
  • The Easter Rising of 1916
  • The partition of Ireland

GCSE History

At G.C.S.E the Department provides for four classes in Year 11 and four in Year 12. Each class contains approximately twenty pupils.

Year 11 studies :
  • Germany 1918-1941
  • Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland 1932-1949
Year 12 studies :
  • Cold War in Europe and the World
  • An investigative study.

A.S. / A.2. History

A.S. History is chosen by roughly forty students each year. There are three classes that are divided between three staff members. The staff remain with their respective classes through to A.2. Level. All classes at A.S. and A.2. are allocated eight periods per week.

Year 13 (A.S.) studies :
  • Germany 1918-1945
  • Russia 1903-1941
Year 14 (A.2.) studies :
  • The Clash of Ideologies 1900-2000
  • The Partition of Ireland 1900-1025

The Teaching staff of the History Department is fully committed to the extra-curricular life of RBAI. The History Department offers pupils the opportunity to develop their understanding of their areas of study by providing a number of visits throughout the year. Pupils in Upper Sixth travel to Dublin in late January / early February every year  to visit the sites of the Easter Rising of 1916. In February 2014, pupils from Year 10 and Year 11 travelled to Berlin as part of a joint Languages / History Department venture. In April 2014, Lower and Upper Sixth pupils go to Moscow and St.Petersburg in Russia whilst, in November, Year 10 students travel to visit World War One battlefields in France and Belgium.