Larmor House

Housemaster - Mr. G. Monteith.


Year 8: Miss L Gray                          Year 9: Mr I Robb, Mrs K Walsh 

Year 10: Mrs G Horner                Year 11: Mr C McIvor

Year 12:  Mr P Sheppard            Year 13: Mrs E Johnston, Mrs A Bailie

Head of House: Ben Rose

Deputy Head of House A Stronge

House Secretary: Aneurin Duffin-Murray

Prefects: J Houston, P Hughes, D Keane, J Lyons, P Lyons, B Rose, A Stronge

Valete: P Anderson, J Beckett, K Bell, C Craig, M Cuthbertson, J Dickson, A Harley,D Hoyt, J Kwok, M Leslie, JJ Logue, C McIlveen, A Moffett, A Moore, M Nelson, C Robinson, D Robinson, M Rowney, N Saulters, P Stewart, M Thwaini, O Webb.  

 Larmour First form - 2015


Back Row:James Rose, Nathan Stronge, Ben Tong

 Third Row: Matthew Marron, Deon McCollum, Josh Moohan, Max Moore, Shane Nicolson, Joshua Park, Joshua Preuss, Jack Reid

Second Row: Thomas Dillon, Rhys Eaton, Jack Gardiner, Ben Hastings, John Kane, Dylan Kenny, Conor Loughridge, Aaron MacWilliam Hughes, Ben Magee

 Seated: Luke Blair, Eoin Bourke, Vince Bui, Mr Monteith, Mrs Horner, Oliver Clark, Henry Collin, Jack Darby

Firstly I would like to start by welcoming all Year 8 pupils into Larmor House. I hope that you make great use of your time at RBAI and try to get involved in the wide range of opportunities this great school provides. Participating in house activities and extra-curriculars will kick start your academic journeys to reach your full potential, both in and out of the classroom. I would like to offer the Year 12 and Year 14 leavers my best wishes, on behalf of the house, on whatever path they decide to take.

Academically, Larmor House preformed magnificently with top GCSE and A-Level results. Although everyone gave their all, a few need to be mentioned with their excellent achievements. At GCSE level Dylan Nagar achieved 3A*, 6A’s and 2B’s and Alex Gaston achieved 1A*, 5A’s and 5B’s. At AS level Aneurin Duffern-Murray achieved 2A’s and 2B’s and James Houston and Patrick Lyons Achieved 1A and 2B’s. Finally at A level, Angus Harley achieved 4A* and Mustafa Thwaini both attained 3A’s while Jonny Beckett, Clarke McIlveen and Mark Rowney all achieved 2a’s and 1B. Owen Webb achieved 2As and 1B. Congratulations for all your hard work.

 Larmor House placed 3rd overall in the House Championship showing consistant strength across the year groups. We performed exceptionally well in the winning the Corry Cup and placing 2nd in the Junior rugby. We won the waterpolo and the senior cross country team placed 2nd as did the basketball teams, both won their respective events with the juniors receiving the Sheldon Cup.

 On top of the success in the classroom, many individuals have commendable achievements in co-curriculars over the past year. Neil Saulters and Matthew Nelson in Year 14 were part of the 1st XV who won the Schools’ Cup. Matthew Cheung Y9 badminton player placed 2nd at the prestigious Swedish Youth Games in Malmo Sweden.

We have made an encouraging start to the new competition winning the Corry Cup.

 To conclude, I would like to thank Mr Monteith and all the tutors for all their committed effort and time they have put into Larmor House, giving motivation to each boy to reach their full potential. I hope for a successful year whether it be on the sports field, the stage or examination hall. Good luck for the oncoming year.

Ben Rose

Head of House