A Level Physics class visit IMEKO World congress


On Monday 3rdSeptember, my class of AS Physics students attended the 22nd World Congress of Measurement at the Waterfront Hall. The event itself focused on the study of metrology (the science of measurements) and was part of an international, ’Festival of Measurements’ held in various places around the world. We all experienced the opening ceremony and the official beginning of the festival, which fittingly commenced with a 30,000,000 second countdown to the end of the festival. We were initially met with traditional folk musicians until the first opening remarks by the International Head of IMEKO, the organisation responsible for the event. The main speaker was former Nobel Prize Winner 1997 Professor Phillips.

In his entertaining presentation Prof Phillips explained his extensive work in the field of laser cooling, and its implications in Physics. Alongside his interesting presentation into the depths of the Kelvin scale and atomic clocks, he also preformed experiments on the stage using liquid nitrogen. Prof Phillips helped us all get a clear understanding of his exciting work; whilst still engaging us with his excellent and easily understood explanations in an otherwise complex topic matter. Afterwards we all got an opportunity to meet Prof Phillips and ask him questions about his talk, as well as some other experts in the world of metrology. Overall the event was very interesting, and a worthwhile opportunity for all of my AS Physics class. 


Report written by James Armstrong