Year 13 - Commerce Week: Day 4

Day4 2

On fourth and final day of Commerce Week 2018 our first visit was to Carson McDowell, one of the most successful and high profile law firms in the Province.  Carson McDowell have been advising clients since their inception in Belfast in 1852.  One of the partners, Dawson McConkey, and solicitor, Rachel Craig, explained to us the skills and qualifications that are required to become a solicitor and the basis of a career in law.  Solicitor Rosie Timoney presented a typical case while portraying the role of a difficult client.

Day4 1

Our second visit was to the Agnew Group, a leading motor vehicle retailer, established in 1931.  The company is one of the UK’s top 25 franchised dealers.  We were told about the range of jobs available at the Agnew Group and we discovered what these roles involved, the skills and qualifications required and how the Agnew Group recruits today using modern recruitment methods such as social media.  These jobs included Sales Representatives, After Sales Team, Accountant and Car Sales Manager.  We were given a tour of Mercedes-Benz to see the different cars on sale and the workshop where the cars are being repaired.  We were given the opportunity to see Mercedes-Benz’ top of the range AMG cars which have specialist engines that set the cars ahead of their rivals on the road and on the race track.   We can only aspire to own one in the future!

Without a doubt, we all thoroughly enjoyed Commerce Week 2018.  It has provided us with a very unique opportunity to gain a key insight into the business world, ranging from Invest NI to the Agnew Group. It has certainly helped me to discern what career path I would like to pursue in the future; before Commerce Week I was almost clueless about my next steps after Sixth Form at RBAI. 

Day4 4

On behalf of all the boys I would like to thank all those people who gave up their time this week to make our experience so valuable; each and every one of these people gave us a special insight into their business. Thanks also to Mr O’Neill, Miss Reid and the various teachers who came with us as we sampled the different industries.  Most thanks, however, goes to Colin Johnston who took time out of his extremely busy schedule to organise Commerce Week and accompany us each day.  Without Mr. Johnston we would not have had such a rewarding and unique opportunity. It has certainly given us focus as we go into our final year of study at RBAI and consider what lies beyond.

Peter Todd 13D