2018 Summer Examinations & Study Leave

The dates of Study Leave for the respective year groups are listed below:

  • Year 12: Wednesday 9th May at 12.50pm
  • Year 13: Wednesday 9th May at 12.15pm
  • Year 14: Wednesday 16th May (after their breakfast in school)

Separate study leave arrangements for the Year 12 Learning Mentor Group have been issued.

Year 11 boys will also be completing GCSEs in some subjects. In these instances, the boys are permitted to take the morning off, if their exam is starting at 1.30pm. They are of course welcome to spend the morning revising in school. There is no study leave for Year 11 if it is a morning exam starting at 9.15am.

Please note that we will have a supervised study facility open at Inst for the entirety of the exam period. This is the Private Study area of the Sixth Form Centre - during May and June, it can also be used by Year 12 pupils. Teachers will also be available throughout the examination period to offer extra help and support and we would encourage your son to avail of such assistance when required.

The boys are welcome to come in to study for the entirety of the school day. Alternatively, they can come in between 9.10 - 12.50pm or from 12.50 - 3.25pm. On each occasion, they should sign in and sign out with Patricia in Reception. Sixth Form pupils can continue to leave the premises at lunchtime. Can I ask you to reinforce with your son that the normal expectations with regard to behaviour and uniform/appearance, continue to apply throughout the months of May and June.

Should any circumstances arise which prevents your son attending an examination, please inform the school immediately.   If a circumstance prevents your son from doing his best work in an examination, please inform Mrs O’Brien at the earliest opportunity.    

We would like to this opportunity to wish your son well in the upcoming exams.