Year 10 Project Business 2017





The Business Studies department recently ran “Project Business” for all boys in Year 10. As boys start to think about their subject choices for GCSE, this fun event gave all boys an opportunity to experience some of the key topics covered in GCSE Business Studies. Boys had the chance to think about who are the stakeholders in a business, how to organise production, how clever marketing can increase your profits and the importance of handling finance. During the event, boys set up and managed their own jewellery business, making bead bracelets. A Level Business Studies students played the role of the bead supplier and the retailer so the boys also learnt the art of negotiation as well as key teamwork and communication skills. We were also joined by a volunteer from Invest NI and former RBAI pupil Connor Watson, who now works for EY and is a business volunteer with Young Enterprise – he played the role of the investor and was responsible for assessing which company was most profitable!


Thanks to Barbara & Rosemary from Young Enterprise for facilitating the event and to the Sixth form who assisted. We hope that boys will now be able to make more informed choices regarding their GCSE subjects. Anyone with any further questions should speak to Miss Reid in F2.