All in a normal School day! Year 8 Working like Andy Goldsworthy!

Finn Gibbs Cahrlie Gaw Adam KihalToby Stewart Joshua Wilson John Shaw

The drop in temperature since half term did not prevent 8K from working outside collecting leaves, twigs and other natural resources in their quest to create environmental works of art inspired by study of the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. The boys worked in teams having previously shared and discussed ideas, worked together to agree a final idea and planned the process of making. Those involved in the making process were perhaps a bit colder than those boys tasked with charging about finding the right resources!!!! Thankfully the wind didn’t blow them away until well after a successful outcome had been reached and all the proud creators and creations had been recorded for posterity!!!

Caleb O Shea A O TooleGeorge Palmer A Rainey

 Robbie Wison Lewis Wright