AS/A2 & GCSE Examination Results 2017


Well done to the Sixth Form on their AS and A2 examination results; it is always a privilege to share the positive outcomes and what this means for our boys’ university, career paths opening up and the wonderful sense of fulfilment having achieved one’s goals and ambitions. Well done to the boys, their teachers, mentors and families – team RBAI.

A2 highlights include Angus Harley with 4 A* in Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics; Michael Corbett and James Emery 3 A*/1 A and with 4 A grades Cameron Hooks and Daniel Penney-Gallagher. Close to 30% of all students achieved 2+ A/A* across Humanities, Languages and Sciences. The Head of School, Theo Millar achieved 2 A* in English Literature, and Latin and 2 A Grades in Mathematics and Religious Studies. In addition, there is an overall increase in the pass rate and number of students achieving over 3A*- C at A2. We are very pleased for the boys and now wish them continued success as they progress their studies and interests.

In addition to the CCEA placings, Angus Harley is to be awarded the Institute of Physics in Ireland medal for the highest level of achievement in the NI Advanced Level Physics Examination 2017. The medal will be awarded on Wednesday 6th December 2017 in the members’ Room of the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin. 


 The AS results demonstrate progress for the year group as they make the transition from GCSE and prepare for the final A2 examinations.  Ben Connolly, Mathew Shane and Donal Shearer achieved 4 A Grades across subjects which included Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Latin.  In addition, Michael Darling, Hugo Lowe and Donal Shearer are awarded 3 A grades at AS and an A* in A2 Mathematics.

 Several pupils had straight As including Charlie Lamb, Rhys Madden, David McCann, Connor McCormick, Mitchell Mercer and Jonathan Williamson-Deronja.  The results reflect excellent curriculum provision with high quality learning and teaching.  Congratulations to the boys and I wish them continued success at A2.


GCSE Results 2017



Congratulations to the boys on their GCSE results which reflect individual application and ability. The outstanding results include for full course GCSEs: Nicholas Moore with 10 A*; Nkosinathi Khumalo with 9 A*/1 A; Peter Adair with 7 A*/3A; James Kavanagh-Cranston with 5 A*/5 A/1 B and Angus Adair with 5 A*/5 As. The year group collectively retain their 97% pass rate and high percentage of A*/As.





Equally, we congratulate the boys for whom C and B grades reflects progress and attainment in line with requirements to progress to AS Level. Success across Humanities, Languages, Applied subjects and Sciences is to the credit of all colleagues who have worked tirelessly to secure the best outcomes for the boys.


J Williamson MA OXON, NPQH