Our Principal: Celebrating Ten Years at the Top

In its 200 year history, Inst has celebrated innumerable successes and been regarded as one of the predominant institutions of educational innovations in the country.  This month marks a significant anniversary in the life of the institution. In January 2007 the newly appointed Janet Williamson began her tenure as Principal of RBAI, the first female principal of a boys’ grammar school in the British Isles. Her time here has been characterised by the introduction of many brave and visionary initiatives befitting the school’s ethos and the celebration of a huge number of accolades.

Throughout her decade in the ‘driving seat’ of RBAI the Principal has implemented and overseen many changes which have maintained the school’s position as one of the primary educators for boys in the country and reinforced its reputation for stretching boys to produce excellent academic results while also achieving their extra-curricular goals. It has remained Miss Williamson’s primary objective to ensure that every boy in the school meets or exceeds his potential and finds and nurtures a talent.

The Principal has been committed to growing the school’s legacy through innovation and to promoting the whole development of each pupil, now referred to as “Well-Being”.  Highlights in her ten years in the top job include the bicentenary celebrations during which many alumni returned to school for a diverse array of events, winning the Schools’ Cup and Medallions Shield in consecutive years, her research trip to Australia with the Churchill Fellowship and the ETI inspection which affirmed the ‘excellent relationships in school, the high academic progress and attainment of the pupils and the positive impact of the extensive extracurricular programme’. 

Speaking of her ten years at Inst Miss Williamson said, “I am fortunate to work with professionals who have a real passion for and vocation to teach and who daily exhibit pastoral care for the welfare of all members of the school community.  I thought I would realise my vision and aspirations for RBAI within a certain time frame, however that was to underestimate the potential for growth and significant contribution RBAI current pupils and alumni make to NI and beyond. As a school we are open and able to change, ensuring we remain the strong school we are today. My role and responsibility will continue to be judging what works well and what could do better, in consultation with colleagues, members of the Board of Governors and the wider Instonian community.”

Congratulations on completing your first decade Miss Williamson, the staff and students hope you enjoy many more years at Inst.

To download the Principal's full interview with the Ulster Tatler please click below:

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