School Athletics Results

Results from Districts

Mini Boys (Yr 8)

Christian King 3rd 800m

Callum Keys 2nd Long Jump and 3rd 100m

Minor Boys (Yr 9)

Zac Simpson 2nd 100m

Relay Team 2nd

Junior Boys (Yr10)

Jamie Rose 1st Javelin

Stuart McCauley 2nd Shotput

Ben Cooke 3rd High Jump

Jared Noble 2nd Triple Jump

Inter Boys (Yr 11-12)

Simon Jackosn 1st 100m

Simon McMaster 1st Long Jump

Jared Wait 1st Shotput and 3rd Hammer

Peter Simpson 2nd High Jump

Roddy Buchannan 3rd Javelin

Relay Team 1st

Senior (Yr 13-14)

Jack McComb 1st 400m and 2nd 400m Hurdles

Robbie Marrs 1st High Jump

Jakob Robb 2nd High Jump

Pierce McLernon 2nd Shotput

Conor Gregg 2nd 100m

Relay Team 1st


Results from Ulsters

Unfortunately the Inter Relay team dropped the baton as they probably would have contended for a Medal in the final.

Robbie Marrs was unable to attend the High Jump final in the morning but ran in the Relay Team later in the day.

Simon McMaster 3rd Long Jump (Qualified for Irish)

Jack McComb 2nd 400m and 2nd 400 Hurdles (Has qualified for the Irish in both)

Pierce McLernon 2nd Shotput (Qualified for Irish)

Jakob Robb 3rd High Jump (Qualified for Irish)

Conor Gregg 3rd 100m (unfortunately it is only the top 2 on the track that qualify for Irish)

Relay Team 1st winning the race comfortably and qualifying for the Irish Championships, boys involved Jonny Miller, Robbie Marrs, Conor Gregg, and Jack McComb.


Simon Jackosn Winner of the Inter Boys 100m


Jared Wait 1st in Shotput and 3rd in Hammer


 Robbie Marrs takes off as he wins the Senior Boys High Jump

Senior Relay Team1

Senior Relay Team

Senior Relay Team Podium1

Senior Relay Team Podium