Talented Athlete Programme

Please see below for information regarding our talented athlete scheme.


Application should be returned to J Peak in the PE Office.

About the Talented Athlete Programme

The Talented Athlete Programme is part of a wider ‘Gifted and Talented Policy for Physical Education’ that considers how best to identify, track and support pupils with a sporting talent.  It fits well with our school policy in recognising achievement and raising attainment.  Criteria for selection onto this programme are that pupils must have the potential to represent at regional level, or above, within their chosen sport and must demonstrate a high level of commitment to improvement as well as appreciating the responsibility they have towards maintaining their academic performance. A high commitment to school activities will be expected of students selected onto the program at all times.


The Talented Athlete Support Programme has been designed to assist the schools most talented/promising athletes in developing their sporting potential while studying at RBAI.

The main areas of the Talented Athlete Programme are: 

  • To identify pupils who are talented in sport and raise awareness that these individuals have significant commitments outside of school.
  • To support pupils where necessary.
  • To recognise and celebrate the achievements of these pupils. This will be done in various ways e.g. School Website, Talented Athlete Display Boards in Forum, School Twitter, Assemblies and PSHE.

TAP will provide sessions on fundamental and advanced sport science disciplines including: Nutrition, hydration, fitness assessment, strength and conditioning, lifestyle management, training methods, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, psychology and much more. The TAP system is designed to be run on multiple days throughout the year to encourage long term development and a clear progression between days.

Expectation on pupils

  • ž  Pupils will have to achieve an academic and behavioural criteria in line with school policy and their own target grades in order to be eligible for the program
  • ž  Pupils will be expected to represent the school on all occasions when fit and available.

Application process

Pupils will be expected to apply for a place on the Talented Athlete program. This should take the form of a sporting CV and covering letter which should be made to the head of PE.

It should be noted that places on the first cohort will be limited and applications received after the agreed deadline cannot be considered.

Selection is outlined below

Breakdown of selection

  • ž  24 places
  • ž  4 Rugby
  • ž  4 Hockey
  • ž  4 Cricket
  • ž  6 Other School sports
  • ž  6 Free places (may be non school sport or made up from and of the above categories)