NZ2017 Tour



At the end of term in June 45 boys from Year 11 & 12 and 6 staff departed from Dublin for New Zealand on a three-week rugby tour. The tour coincided with the final week of the Lions tour and meant that NZ was in a bit of a rugby frenzy at the time.

We were transported around NZ by Kyle and his bus from Kiwi Experience which gave us plenty of opportunity to take in the fabulous scenery.


The performance of the boys in winning 9 out of 10 matches was remarkable. We were playing top schools throughout the country. Some of the matches were effected by opposition schools having players playing up on their 2nd XV and therefore weakening the U16 matches. The quality of our rugby was excellent. We were able to carry out 6 full training sessions on top of playing matches, other days included video review or unit skill workshops. We were also fortunate to get tours of the Chiefs and Crusaders training bases and attend the Highlanders home match against the Reds in the indoor stadium in Dunedin.

The impact the school holidays had on the fixtures was significant. The first 2 fixtures were in term time and we were able to experience a little of school life. The CBHS fixture was on the weekend school broke up and they had worked hard to ensure our experience was excellent. The final 2 fixtures were in the middle of the holidays and this impacted greatly. Timaru Boys went the extra mile however to ensure the fixtures went ahead in terrible conditions under foot and overhead. 


V Hamilton Boys High School

U16 won 21-17 Tries Simon Jackson, Daniel Eakin & Robin McIlveen & 3 conversions

        U15 lost 7-19 Try Ross Smyth. Carter Clydesdale conversion

V Tauranga Boys

U16 won 66 -0 Tries Angus Adair (2), Daniel Eakin, Aj Hussell, Stuart Cameron (2), Bradley McNamara, Matthew Johnston & Robin McIlveen (2) and 8        conversions.

U15 won 22-10. Tries Rory Adair (2), Stuart McAuley, Hugo Ellerby. Carter Clydesdale conversion.

V Christchurch Boys High School

U16 won 52-14. Tries Stuart Cameron (2), Bradley McNamara, Ben Campbell, Ewan Magee (2), Robin McIlveen and 4 conversions.

U15 won 36-7 Tries Hendon DuToit, Stuart McAuley (2), Jonny Cuthbert, Keelan Sloan, Oscar Lowe. Carter Clydesdale 3 conversions.

V Otago Boys High School

U16 won 51-10 Tries AJ Hussell, Max Preston, Ewan Magee, Keelan Sloan, Bradley McNamara (4), Robin McIlveen and 3 conversions.

U15 won 57-0 Tries Rory Adair, Hendon DuToit, Matthew Johnston, Carter Clydesdale, Jude Postlethwaite, Jack Truesdale   (2), Cameron Johnston, Jonny Cuthbert. Clydesdale 6 conversions.

V Timaru Boys High School

U16 won 24-0. Tries Jared Wait, Bradley McNamara, Ben Campbell & Reece Anderson. McIlveen 2 conversions.

U 15 won 15-0. Tries Jonathan Mitchell, Keelan Sloan, Jack Truesdale.


Without doubt the highlight of the tour for the boys, and staff, was Queenstown. In Queenstown the boys were given a break from rugby and engaged in some of the adventure activities on offer. The stand out was the 'Triple Challenge'; helicopter, white water rafting and jet boating. What added to the day for us was that we completed it all in a snow blizzard! The luging in the snow was also well received as was the snow ball fight on top of the mountain! 

The overnight stay at Tamaki Maori Village was an excellent insight into the culture of the maori people. Angus Adair performed heroically as our 'Chief' for this 24 hours.

Daily Reports

The use of the RBAI Facebook page worked very well with traffic matching that of Schools Cup time. The boys were excellent at writing a short report on their phone and sending it to staff on their designated day. I did not have to chase anyone. 


The boys were hosted on 7 nights with opposition schools. Although apprehensive the boys thoroughly enjoyed the billeting experience and it would be a desperate shame if this great tradition is lost to the red tape of the 21st Century. The boys were treated magnificently. The highlight of the hosting was Chris Todd being driven an hour and a half south of Christchurch to stay on a farm in Methven. Chris being a keen farmer himself was in complete heaven and has made his mind up to return for a GAP year following his A levels!

The boys stayed in Holiday Parks which were perfect and thoroughly enjoyed. The highlight of the accommodation however was the hotel in Queenstown which was our 'treat' stay. The boys were in pairs in rooms overlooking Lake Wakatipu.

Awards Dinner

The final night we hired a room at a local restaurant for an end of tour dinner and awards.

The Awards given out were as follows

Player of the Tour U16 - Angus Adair

Player of the Tour U15 - Alex Weir

Most Improved Back U16 - Ewan Magee U15 Carter Clydesdale

Most Improved Forward U16 - Daniel Eakin U15 Thomas Hall

Top Try Scorer - Bradley McNamara 7

Top Points Scorer - Robin McIlveen 54

Best individual performance - Bradley McNamara against Otago Boys scoring 4 tries.


This has been a magnificent tour which has fulfilled its objectives. The tour is part of a 5-year plan. Three of those years have been the planning and fundraising which was driven by parents and staff. The tour was to develop the boys as rugby players and the performances and results are evidence of that. The tour was also to develop young men who would have the character to contribute to RBAI as both rugby players but more importantly as engaged up standing citizens who can represent our community as future prefects, leaders and possibly Head of School. 



UPDATE - November 2015

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to drop everyone a line to update you on a number of things.

Firstly, a massive thanks to all those who were able to attend the Dinner Dance on Saturday night at the Beechlawn. The night was a great success in terms of fundraising and from the many people who danced late into the night a good time was had also! Also thanks to those who contributed with ballot and auction items. The biggest thanks however must go to Guy Metcalfe for his generosity towards the event. The deals struck up with entertainment along with a significant bar contribution made a big difference to our final total. I have included the ballot and auction winners in the attachment. The estimated total raised from the evening was £9000!!!

I would like to request help with some events planned for the next few months. My suggestion is that groups of parents get together to pick up these events.

  • Car Parking at Christmas. I have requested more slots and intend to use the boys more and parents less for this one. When I receive dates I will send a note home.
  • Under 14 Annual Tournament. Last year was a great success moving to the Saturday and having the BBQ running. We will need a team of people to assist with the running of this.
  • Touch Rugby Tournament. Saturday 25th June. I would like to build on the event we ran last year but would like a team of parents to come on board to assist with this. We could expand on the teams entered to include more past pupils and parents. With more cohesion we could increase the food revenue potential also.
  • Fashion Show October 2016. This is probably best handed over to a team of Mums!
  • Tea/Coffee/HotDogs on a Saturday morning continues to be a great addition to the atmosphere at Bladon. Judith Magee, 07887658606, who does a wonderful job coordinating this could do with more volunteers.
  • Recycled Clothing Collection continues on the first Saturday of each month. Clothes should be dropped off at Osborne in a plastic bag.

Maybe over the next couple of weeks you will get speaking to others and come back to me with a team arranged to run an event.

The tour itself is taking shape nicely. The five opposition schools are confirmed; Hamilton Boys High, Tauranga Boys College, Otago Boys High, Waitaki Boys High and Christchurch Boys High. All these schools are top rugby playing schools and will provide stern competition.

I have had a couple of queries regards the selection of the squad. Selection will be made at Easter time 2016. Boys will all be notified by letter as to whether they have been successful or not.

If you have any other questions or ideas please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

Many thanks,

Daniel Soper 

 NZ2017 Rugby Tour: UPDATE October 2015

In July 2017 45 boys will get the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to New Zealand on a three week rugby tour. We are very grateful to Forest Feast who are sponsoring the tour.

IMG 1356 1

Forest Feast have kindly supplied all the tour applicants with a t-shirt to wear during their training in preparation over the next two seasons.

IMG 1352 1

IMG 1355 1

IMG 1353 1

IMG 1354 1

 June 2015 Re: NZ2017 Rugby Tour Fundraising

Dear Parent,

I want to draw your attention to the upcoming fundraising events.

On Saturday June 27th we are running a family picnic and Touch Rugby tournament at Bladon from 2pm-6pm. Tickets are £5 per person and includes a hotdog from the BBQ. There will be food stalls and other games running during the day so I would encourage everyone to bring their picnic blanket and join in the fun. Tickets can be purchased at the front office of school.

In the Autumn term we are running two dinner dance events at the Beechlawn House Hotel in Dunmurry, Saturday September 26th and Saturday November 14th. We do not expect anyone to attend both but by giving two dates we expect everyone will make an effort to attend either or. Tickets are priced at £95 per couple, sold in tables of 10, which includes a 3 course meal, live music and a great night’s entertainment.

If you could arrange a table of ten and let me know which evening you will be attending would be much appreciated.

If you are available to assist with the preparations of either of these events it would be appreciated if you contacted me at school.

Many thanks                      

Daniel Soper, Director of Rugby, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I am delighted to let you know we have settled on the company we will use for the tour in 2017. Clubworld Travel based in Belfast will handle all travel and booking for the tour. Neil Russell a former pupil of RBAI is the representative from Clubworld who will be managing all aspects of the tour. I am pleased a local company are working with us on this and having picked through their proposal it is very thorough and importantly a very competitive price.

Unfortunately the Garden Party which was planned for June has had to be cancelled for reasons outside our control. In place of the Garden Party will be a ‘Touch Rugby Tournament and Family Picnic’ on Saturday June 27th 2pm-6pm at Bladon. Tickets for this will be issued to the boys next week. We are also looking for helpers to assist with food stalls on the day so if you could let me know if you could volunteer an hour during the day to help would be much appreciated. The boys will be expected to assist with activities on the day also. Tickets will be sent home with the boys next week.

The Gala Ball which was planned for February 2016 is now going to be run by the BOIA and not by the NZ2017 group. The BOIA have agreed to auction some items on our behalf and we have a couple of very generous and significant items available. Unfortunately February 2017 is the Inchmarlo ball and therefore a black tie event in the window from now to tour is not possible. However, we will hold two ‘Dinner/Dances’, the first being Saturday September 26th 2015 at the ‘Beechlawn House Hotel’ in Dunmurry and the second within the final six months before tour.

The quiz last Friday night was a great success and raised £900 meaning our total is currently at £16300. Many thanks to Sam McIllveen for arranging the quiz and Chris Pallin for supplying the food.

There are other events planned such as an art exhibition and brochure. We will also continue our car parking and tea/coffee stands at Osborne which have proved to be excellent earners.

Could I ask that you align yourself with one of the upcoming events to assist with the preparation of these events. If you send me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me 07972660608 I can put you in touch with the correct person.