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Commerce Week: Day 4

Our final day of RBAI Commerce Week started off with a fantastic insight into the various roles within the auto industry, particularly the world of sales.
Commerce Week: Day 4

Our final day of RBAI Commerce Week started off with a fantastic insight into the various roles within the auto industry, particularly the world of sales.

Walking into Mercedes Benz we were greeted by some of the most outstanding automobiles on offer today and given the full industry-leading, customer hospitality treatment, as well as getting access to the workshop and observing the sheer scale of Isaac Agnew's Mercedes dealership.

We left with a greater idea of just how many roles are on offer for anyone entering the automobile industry and how we can become involved ourselves.

The next business we visited is one of Northern Ireland's best kept secrets: Camlin. This is a world-leading tech company that uses our best scientists and engineers to deliver cutting-edge solutions for fuses and transformer monitoring systems.

We were able to fully experience all aspects of the company, from testing and prototyping to a full demonstration of the algorithms and devices working. It gave the group a great overview of all the various jobs on offer in the technology and engineering industries and the tour was concluded with a simply brilliant and outstanding speech by CEO John Cunningham. This highlighted the importance of the creativity and growth that engineering can bring to society.

From Northern Ireland’s best kept tech secret, we visited a business at the other end of the spectrum in terms of profile; we spent our next session at one of John McCollum's McDonald's franchises to develop an understanding of the benefits of owning a franchise, as well as observing the latest trends and standards in the food industry.

We were able to explore McDonald's beyond the till in all senses, with a full tour of the restaurant's kitchen along with a detailed talk on what McDonald's can offer the community. This shed a light on the impact such large companies can have on small communities in NI.

For our final session of the week we visited Almac, a business that ultimately facilitates the testing and development of drugs.

Again, this business reminded us that NI can really punch above its weight when it comes to being involved on a global scale in trade and attracting high profile customers.

Many of the employees at the company had joined Almac in the lab but moved to finance and management roles in the company, reinforcing the abundance of diverse roles for the youth of Northern Ireland to fill.

I am sure that all members of commerce week are as overwhelmed as I am by the abundance of knowledge we gained about commerce from this programme. It has been an invaluable week, enjoyed by all, and has given us awareness of the opportunities available in Northern Ireland to help the entire group with future career choices.

Many thanks to Colin Johnston for all his extremely hard work in arranging the week’s activities, to Mr O’Neill for his work in coordinating the events and to all the businesses who have opened their doors to give us unparalleled insights and experiences this week.

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Scout Gold DOE
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Scouts Gold DoE
Congratulations to Thomas Lowry, Callum Soper and Thomas Green who qualified for and sat the Junior Kangaroo.
Well done to our 1stXI captain Oliver Metcalfe who opened the batting for Ireland Wolves against Scotland ‘A’ .
Well done to our Under 12 A team who progress now to the final of the Centenary Cup after defeating Methody in the semi-final.
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