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Children's Mental Health Week

This week as part of ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ the Year 12 and 14 took part in a virtual event.
Children's Mental Health Week

Positive Mental Health

This week as part of ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ the Year 12 and 14 took part in a virtual event. The event was delivered by Ben Best from The Tree of Knowledge who has worked with the school since 2010, delivering a Positive Mental Health session. This year was slightly different and was the first time the session has been delivered online with the boys tuning in from home. Ben’s main focus was to encourage the boys to think about how what they do with their conscious thought will affect their subconscious thought. For example, if they keep telling themselves the same thing over and over again then this will affect how they think about themselves. He also encouraged the boys to think about how they learn best and gave them practical tips on how to study. He finished the session with an excellent demonstration on the importance of setting goals and targets and how they could use these to achieve anything that they wanted.

The boys completed a short survey about the impact that the session has had on them. Here are just a few comments:

This workshop has helped me to:

Focus more on how I stress and how to learn more effectively.

Think differently on how I look at things.

Understand the point of setting goals and targets.

Get more motivated for anything in life

Understand the use of emotions in learning and helped to understand the main reasons for trying things, risk vs incentive.

Understand how to cope with the stresses and difficulties that come with learning

Understand how to achieve my goals and that it is up to me to do it.

I think it was a very well delivered talk on how to cope with stress and get into a good frame of mind for upcoming tests.

See how I could change my learning style and have a better outlook on my studies.

We hope to have Ben back in September to deliver a face to face session to the current Year 11 and 13.

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Wednesday the 3rd of March for years 8 and 9 is an alternative learning day. The idea behind it is to give your son other activities and some downtime from academic studies and the computer screen.
Update: Letter to parents: 24th February 2021
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